Please help us raise funds to keep the BTBAB base running

In 2017, Femi Oni (BTBAB Founder) along with his family of 4 (known as the Oni family) were led to move to the North Cotswolds. At the time the Oni’s thought their move was only to set-up a mission base for their work. Little did they know that their decision would impact several surrounding villages and inspire others to do the same.

From August 2020, BTBAB entered into a partnership with The House of the Open Door to use their facilities as an operating base –  This agreement allows us to use their facility for one full week per month as well as provide a long term office space for the National Director.

In addition to training people for mission to help the poor in the developing world, the team at the BTBAB base, provide a monthly kids play date for children from across 4-5 villages. Furthermore, we provide mentorship for people to develop faith based life skills, those interns are either local residents or people who move here for a period of 6-12 months.  Our interns are also given the opportunity to serve local initiatives among the poor for example Caring Hands –

As a faith-based community, the team live on donations provided by God through ordinary people like you. Please would you consider giving so that they can continue to serve the poor as well as be a blessing to the local surrounding villages.

Donations are gratefully received in the form of a cheque (to BTBAB)
or simply transfer of funds into the charity account of BTBAB

Please contact for the account details.

Alternatively you can make an anonymous donation via our Stewardship Recipient Account – 20144227