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Fati was our second recipient of the ACI and was 23 years old when she was sponsored for a two year Hair and Beauty Course, in 2013.

She is the oldest of 5 children, and throughout her childhood, her family faced persecution and poverty after her father left Islam and received Isa (Jesus) into his heart.

Despite persecution, the rest of the family, including 7 year old Fati, also came to faith in Jesus. But her dream to complete her education was soon shattered after the family could not afford to send her to school. Severe persecution had virtually denied her father any means to provide financial and social support to his family.

But partners of BTBAB helped to redeem that dream by providing the necessary funding through ACI to support her ongoing education. Almost £2000 enabled Fati to qualify as a Hairdresser and Beautician in 2014. Her final results were exceptional, and ACI provided a further £650 to help her set-up her own business.

In 2013 Fati married a Christian who is passionate for the Lord, and together they continue to serve God in their community. A huge thank you to all who helped Fati achieve her dream.