Gary was our third recipient and studied to be a graphic designer.

“I want to study graphic design because I am interested in this major. I would like to work in this area and  be able to find a stable job to support my family and use this graphic design to serve God. Whilst I have been doing the course  I have learned important skills about graphic design and I’m trying to practice these skills.

I’m studying the bible with a brother in Christ to understand more about God and become more faithful in my personal relationship. I am grateful to God that I have many mature Christians around me. They have helped me a lot. I hope and believe that I will grow up in God’s words and in faith if I continue to desire to know Him more and commit to learn His words.

 I would like to thank you so much for investing on me and supporting me.”

As we support individuals to follow their dreams by education or vocational training we can see them transformed and their community.

For security reasons we have not disclosed the recipients real name.