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By Colin Hosken

Over the past couple of months or so we have been busy behind the scenes preparing some exciting new updates for our Toolbox Training department. We have a new logo for Toolbox which incorporates our main BTBAB branding.

It has been on my mind since my first experience of BTBAB’s Toolbox Training weekends – when teams are trained up for 2 weekends prior to their mission trip. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if all the teaching and training resources could be accessed online, at any time and any location! And so…we have recently begun working on a new website to go alongside our main site,, but be independent of It.

It will be a private site which only members of a Toolbox team will be able to access all the content and resources available. The site will host our Toolbox Training manual, blog posts about preparing for trips, travel tips, past team reports, team project promotional ideas and much more, which we will continue to build on over time. Teams will also have their own private page with all necessary information for their team and trip details to access during their Toolbox training.

We are really excited about this new project and hope it will be a blessing and a good resource for upcoming and future Toolbox Teams. We look forward to sharing more with you in the future.