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by Yvonne Twum-Barima

Over the last two years BTBAB has gone through a radical change in the backdrop of a global pandemic and what has become really clear is the need to find a permanent base for BTBAB. We are so excited to share with you our partners that we are moving as a ministry in August 2022 to be based in Liverpool.

As a ministry we were led into a time of extended prayer between September 2021 and January 2022. We had wonderful ministry times with God over this period of prayer and below are some of the insights we received from the Lord. 

  • God of the breakout and God of the breakthrough.
  • God is moving BTBAB into a new territory. 
  • BTBAB as a family – keeping the core value of growing people not an organisation. Not losing our identity or foundations as we build.
  • BTBAB base – to be a safe haven where people find healing and restoration.
  • Faith Line – BTBAB needing to walk on water together. Even if it means we have to wait a while for us to be at the same level before we move ahead.
  • Let us take the ground in faith – prophetic word in claiming the ground.

The Prayer of St Brendan became a powerful testament of God’s presence with us as we move the BTBAB base – Help me to journey beyond the familiar into the unknown. Give me the faith to leave old ways and break fresh ground with You. Christ of the mysteries, I trust you to be stronger than each storm within me. I will trust even in the darkness and know that my times are still in your hand.

God is moving us away from being based in the Cotswolds and we are so thankful to House of the Open Doors that provided an interim base for BTBAB over the last two years. They blessed us and are excited for us in our new season as we move away from the Cotswolds. We are moving as a ministry to be based in Liverpool. BTBAB already has a heritage in the city of Liverpool. Many of our leaders have lived in Liverpool at one time – Femi Oni, Tom Griffin, Katherine & Shirley Cooper. Many people on ToolBox trips have also been based in Liverpool. It is close to transport links and is closer for those that live in the north. There is a high population of poor people from the developing world on its doorstep and there are 70,000 students (opportunities for Gap Year Intern and ToolBox teams). The city also has more of a community feeling than other cities in the UK.

The BTBAB operational team and BTBAB Trustees are all supportive of this move and we presented this move to Liverpool at the recent Annual Board Meeting (ABM) in April 2022. We are still seeking God’s guidance as to where the final long-term base will be in Liverpool but know that God will guide as we step out in faith and make this move in August 2022 to Liverpool where we will have an interim base as we develop BTBAB UK from this city.