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by Tina Falvey

Since the last newsletter, another trip has been arranged for the summer of 2023 and will be led by Esther Price. The destination is Vietnam and Cambodia in the summer of 2023 to facilitate teachers and students during their summer break. The trip would be around 9 days in each location with 1 day’s travel between Vietnam and Cambodia. Provisional dates are 24th July – 14h August 2023.

This will be a great opportunity for an adventure with God and to seek God’s purpose for your life; the opportunity to go to places you’ve never been before; the opportunity to do things you’ve never done before and maybe, just maybe, change your life and set you off in a totally new direction. God moves in mysterious ways. But here’s the thing …. You’ll never know unless you sign up.

Email for further information.

Here are some dates to help you plan ahead:

Provisional Training dates for upcoming mission trips to be held in Liverpool:

10th-12th March
Vietnam/Cambodia Core Team; Malawi first training weekend

21st-23rd April
Malawi second training weekend; Vietnam/Cambodia first training weekend

2nd-4th June
Vietnam/Cambodia second training weekend

Proposed dates are end May/June 2023.

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