Key Information

Team Leader

Tina Falvey

Trip Date

The dates of this trip are to be confirmed

Mandatory Training Dates

1st Training Weekend

To be confirmed

2nd Training Weekend

To be confirmed

Estimated Cost

€1000 – €1200

About the Ireland Outreach

This is the first time that BTBAB will have a team serving in Ireland. We are based in the UK and normally take teams on mission trips to nations in the developing world. After a few of us spent time in prayer, we felt that God has a place for BTBAB in Ireland. The plan is to serve alongside a host to minster to refugees and the homeless. There will be challenges ahead – especially in today’s climate of the pandemic – but with God leading the way it will be worth it.  God has shown many times that when we step out of our comfort zone and let Him lead, your goals will come to fruition.


Ireland is an island in the north Atlantic ocean. Ireland is the second largest island in the British Isles, the third largest in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world. 

  • Capital: Dublin.
  • Population: 4.9 million people.  
  • Currency: Euro’s

Irish economy is based on foreign trade, industry and investment. The country is a major high tech manufacturer and is one of the world’s biggest exporters of pharmaceuticals and software. Tourism in Ireland is one of the biggest contributors to the economy and tourism employs over 200,000 people. The agricultural food sector is a valuable part of the Irish economy exporting the majority of what is produced. Irish agriculture is dominated by family owned farms.


The climate is mild, moist and changeable with lots of rainfall and a lack of extreme temperatures. You can experience all four seasons in one day.


English and Irish are spoken throughout the country. Irish is considered the official and national language even though English is the language most spoken since the 19th century.


The main religion is Christianity, which has been historically dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. There are several different Christian denominational churches in Ireland such as the Christian Fellowship, Methodist, Baptist and Pentecostal to name a few, that are e mainly found in the big towns and cities. Recent years a few have sprung up throughout the rural parts of Ireland but are still very much a minority.

The first beliefs and practices  in ancient Ireland were based around the Celt tribes which believed that spirits are in natural objects such as trees and rocks. There are a lot of new age movements developed in recent times also neo paganism which consists of Neo-Druidry, Wicca and Celtic polytheism.

About our Hosts

The various host possibilities will be announced at our first training weekend. This is the first time Blessed To Be A Blessing has raised and sent a team in Ireland. This will be a life changing experience to anyone who hears and  responds to the call. Will you join us? Will you give 1 week of your life to help people, to share the love of Christ to this nation. 

General Information

Who is Eligible to Go

You must be:

  • A Christian
  • 16 years or over*
  • Active member of a local church
  • Able to pay for your own expenses
  • Able to provide a letter of reference from your pastor or a recognised Christian leader who has known you for at least 1 year

If you have met the first 4 conditions above, please send us a completed application form along with a €60 deposit.  Once we have received these, we will apply for a character reference from your church minister or a Christian leader.

Please note that all money you start investing from the first training day is non-refundable 


During your mission preparation, you will be required to attend two mandatory training weekends. Each training weekend includes prayer & worship; teaching/practical workshops & administration. These sessions are an extremely invaluable time of intimacy with God, and are crucial in working together as a team.

Conduct and Lifestyle

As we are a Christian organisation with Christian ethics, please note that we reserve the right to refuse your application or remove you from the team at any time if we feel your conduct of life does not meet the minimum required for a Christian (this includes any behaviour that puts the rest of the team at risk). An email and telephone number of a member of our Board of Trustees will be available to team members who require confidential support during their preparations for the trip.

* 16-18 year olds need the consent of their parents.

Terms & Conditions

Team Requirements

The outreach team will meet regularly to make preparations and equip ourselves. You will need to be able to attend both training weekends – dates to be confirmed.

In addition to this application form you will be required to complete a confidential medical questionnaire declaring all medical conditions that you suffer from and current medication that you are taking.


BTBAB own the rights to any media footage (photograph and video) taken on behalf of BTBAB during the entire trip.

On this trip you are part of a team and so as an organisation we have to do our best to protect individual team’s private information. Therefore restrictions are in place as to what you can put on public media such as Facebook (especially photos and videos you have acquired whilst you were away).


The cost of the mission will be finalised  before the trip, however our current estimate is as follows;

  • Admin fee €60 (non refundable with application form)
  • 1st training weekend on zoom – €80
  • 2nd Training weekend – €150
  • Living expenses & travel costs approx €800 (payable 1 week before the trip)

As a member of the team you are responsible for this cost and any funds raised by the team prior to the trip will be in order to facilitate the work we do in the country and not our individual costs.

We are a faith-based organisation (that means we are totally dependent on God for the finances for the work we do). As a result, we have a very high standard of financial accountability for the funds God provides us.  So, if you decide not to go on the trip after a training weekend, all the money you give or invest in is entirely non-refundable.


Complete the application form.  If you have any queries please contact and we will be happy to help.

    Personal Information // Step 1 of 7

    Date of Birth (required)

    It is essential that your passport has at least 6 months from the date of the mission trip return flight, before it expires.

    Please indicate the date that your passport expires. (required)

    Is any other member of your family applying for this team. If so please give their name and a description of your relationship. e.g. husband, daughter.

    FAITH // Step 2 of 7

    Briefly describe your salvation experience

    Please state the Church that you visit on a regular basis

    Briefly describe your involvement in Church life

    CHURCH REFERENCE // Step 3 of 7

    Please give details of a person within your church who can provide a reference for you e.g. Pastor, home group leader, youth leader etc. This person should have known you for a minimum of 2 years. We can consider an alternative reference in exceptional circumstances.

    We will contact your referee directly, Please do not send a reference to us. Please do let them know you have applied for the team so they know they will be contacted by us.

    Ministry // Step 4 of 7

    As part of the Team you will be required to minister in one or more of the areas.

    Please indicate the areas you would like to serve in:

    FINANCE // Step 5 of 7

    The cost of the mission is estimated between £1200 - £1500 per person (includes training, (estimated) flight & living expenses).

    • Admin fee £50 (non refundable with application form)
    • Training weekend £130 x 2 (1 week before each of the dates)
    • Flight costs (depends on time of booking)
    • Living expenses (paid 2 weeks before we leave)

    NB. Members of the team are not permitted to make independent travel arrangements and must travel as part of the Mission Group.

    Please indicate how you intend to finance this trip

    Personal financeRaise funds through sponsored eventsOther

    Parental Consent // Step 6 of 7

    If you are under the age of 18, and not travelling with a parent or guardian, your parent or legal guardian will be required to complete a form in addition to this giving his/her consent for you to be a part of this team.

    Do you require parental consent?


    Parent / Guardian Information

    Agreement // Step 7 of 7