We believe God blesses us beyond our needs so that we can be a blessing to others in need. We are more than a just a charity: we are a Christian organisation called to be a voice of hope & a hand of healing to the nations: to the poor & needy in the developing world, to the unreached and persecuted.

We work through local churches, because they’re Jesus’ body on earth, and we only go where God leads us, because we build with eternal purpose.


Our Overseas Community Transformation initiative supports local communities in the developing world to help bring about radical transformation in people’s lives and that of the community they live in.

Through practical projects, the aim is to bring communities out of the hopelessness of poverty and experience the heart felt love of God.

Focusing on a whole community – a town, village or a province, is a big challenge, but it is also a wonderful privilege to be see how God impacts an entire community.

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Sponsoring individuals through The Ana Claudia Initiative (ACI) funds the education of underprivileged young people from extremely poor families in the developing world. The sponsorship is available to not only fund professional university or tertiary training but also any form of vocational training that will equip a young person with skills that will enable them to become financially independent and allow them to contribute to their families and society.

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Going is one of the central values within the Christian faith – we see it modelled in the life of Jesus, as he travelled around meeting those who needed to hear his message of God’s love. He met people who were rejected, broken, sick, cheaters, and sex workers – to all of them he brought hope, healing and restoration.  God’s heart has always been for those that don’t know him and those that are broken, outcast and poor.

So as we follow Jesus’ teachings to go to those around us, we too encounter God in a very profound way and experience his heartbeat for the poor.

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As an organisation we take time to provide team members with the training and tools that they will need to get the most of each trip. This training is also available to churches who are planning a mission trip, and want to prepare their teams for what they will encounter on their trip.

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