The Ana Claudia Initiative (ACI) funds the education of underprivileged young people from extremely poor families in the developing world. The sponsorship is available to not only fund professional university or tertiary training but also any form of vocational training that will equip a young person with skills that will enable them to become financially independent and allow them to contribute to their families and society.

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ACI began in 2006 during a BTBAB mission in Bolivia, South America. The team leader, and current BTBAB Board member Femi Oni describes what happened.

“A young lady sat in the crowd in a small church listening attentively as I was preaching. I knew who she was, her name was Ana Claudia and she was part of the team that had come with me from neighbouring Brazil where I had been working to help set up a health school in the Amazon jungle. As I walked past her, I felt these words in my heart ‘I have spoken to this lady to go to university to study nursing but I am calling you to provide her all the finances she needs to do this’.

I recognised the voice as God’s but the words sent shivers down my body because I had no money and so I couldn’t believe that God would ask me to do such a thing. Over the next few days I could not shake it off and argued with God that I had no money. But I had learnt a hard lesson many years before that God does not expect us to provide for His vision / His ideas, He just needs someone to stand in faith for Him to provide. It was at this point that I bowed my head and repented and said yes to God.”

ACI started with only £200 but since then has received over £27,500 which has enabled 26 people from different continents around the world to receive a fully funded education or gain a skill that will enable them to earn a living.


ACI now has a number of faithful sponsors but as this vision expands we need more people to join them.  Please consider supporting the Anna Claudia Initiative, and see how the story of people’s lives are re-written as new opportunities open to them.