If you are interested in coming on one of our trips, the good news is that they are open to any Christians over the age of 16* that has the support of their local church. Our teams are made up of people from many different church denominations, united by their love of God and their desire to serve him in the developing world.


Bring whatever skills you have – our ethos really is to use the gifts and talents that we have in our hands to serve the poor in the developing world and as a result there are really no limits on who can apply.

If you aren’t sure what you have to offer, our toolbox training course will help you work through this to ensure that you are as well equipped as you can be when you leave the UK.


The cost for every team and every destination is different.  As a ballpark figure you would expect to have to raise between £1200-£1600 to cover your flights, ministry costs and living expenses during your trip.  All team members must be able to cover all their own financial costs, but don’t be put off if this seems a lot – we serve a big God, and many, many previous team participants will testify to God’s amazing provision as they sought to raise the necessary funds.

You can find out more about the cost of each trip in our upcoming trips section.

Upcoming Trips