As an organisation we take the time to provide team members with the training and tools that they will need to get the most out of each trip. This training is also available to churches who are planning a mission trip, and want to prepare their teams for what they will encounter on their trip.

There are 3 main types of mission, short, medium and long term. We see short term mission as anything up to 2 years and therefore most of the people that we send out are on short term trips.  Those that we send out for longer term missions usually focus on discipleship or community transformation.

Regardless of which type of mission you are going on, pre-departure training and support is an essential part of any mission trip. It provides a space for team members to learn more about themselves, and their fellow team members. It gives support in preparing to serve in missions – both serving their team to help it function and serving the poor they meet in country.

A key focus for the team preparation is to ensure that team members are aware of how to stay healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually –  as they go and come back from their trip.


The Toolbox training courses have been developed by BTBAB using the lessons learnt from taking teams away each year. Every team member must go through the Toolbox training course which is usually delivered over 2 to 3 weekends.  These mandatory training dates are available to team members at the time they apply for the team.

Through these training weekends team members learn more about themselves and others through our specially developed team building activities. The training weekends are held in beautiful countryside venues around the UK which has been a huge benefit to the teams as they have been able to withdraw from the stresses and strains of everyday life in order to concentrate on preparing for their trip.

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For those that have a particular interest in healthcare there is the optional HATH course. This course focuses on mentoring health professionals who would like to serve in the developing world.

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Gap Year Internship

The Gap Year Internship is a unique 6 month programme with the primary purpose of giving a person the faith-based life skills to manage their world through our mentorship programme.

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Based on the story of a biblical figure in Act 16: 6-10, the Macedonian Call Initiative (or MCI, as is called) was first conceived in 2009 in response to what God was doing in BTBAB.

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