Complete the application form.  If you have any queries please contact and we will be happy to help.

    Personal Information // Step 1 of 7

    Date of Birth (required)

    It is essential that your passport has at least 6 months from the date of a potential humanitarian trip.

    Please indicate the date that your passport expires. (required)

    FAITH // Step 2 of 7

    Briefly describe your salvation experience

    Please state the Church that you visit on a regular basis

    Briefly describe why you wish to apply for the Gap Year Internship

    Please state if you have applied for an Internship with any other organisation.


    REFERENCES // Step 3 of 7

    Please give details of a person within your church who can provide a reference for you e.g. Pastor, home group leader, youth leader etc. This person should have known you for a minimum of 2 years.



    Please give details of a second person that can give you a reference. Eg - employer, parent. This person should also have known you for a minimum of 2 years..

    What to expect // Step 4 of 7

    If accepted onto the Internship it is mandatory that you;

    • If resident you will;
      • Live in a community of up to 9 people and share a bedroom
      • Follow all the guidelines stated in your induction about living as part of community
      • Serve in some capacity as part of the Mission House ie hospitality/media/worship/catering
      • Serve the community once a week - ie Homeless Kitchen/Street Pastors/Youth Work
      • Meet regularly with your mentor
      • Follow the timetable given and complete all the tasks designated
      • Have a maximum of one day off a week
      • At times be available to serve in weekend activities ie mission teams, church services
    • If non-resident you will;
      • Attend a weekly teaching session at the Mission House. This is normally on a Thursday evening but is subject to change. You will be required to arrive at approx 6pm. (There are at least two other optional sessions you can attend each week)
      • Serve at the Mission House prior to or after your teaching sessions at the base ie cleaning/gardening/washing dishes/administration tasks etc
      • Meet regularly with your mentor
      • Complete all the tasks designated during your internship
      • At times be available to serve in weekend activities ie mission teams, church services

    ALL interns will;

    • Complete a project regarding poverty by the end of your internship
    • Go on a 2-week mission trip with BTBAB
    • Attend a training weekend prior to beginning the Internship
    • Pay for all expenses associated with your internship eg equipment

    Please indicate below the areas in which you would be willing to serve at the Mission House (please note this does not guarantee that you will be given this role):

    Please indicate the areas you would like to serve in:

    FINANCE // Step 5 of 7

    Upon application, you will pay a £10 non refundable admin fee.

    The preliminary 3-day training is £130

    The 2-week mission trip is £1300—1500

    You will need to pay for all expenses that are incurred as part of your project eg equipment

    Full time residents give a £317 donation per month towards rent with additional costs for food. You will be expected to pay the first month rent one month in advance to your move date.

    Local residents give a donation of £100 per month

    Full time residents give a non-refundable donation of £317 once accepted onto the programme. This will only be refundable at the completion of your Internship. However, if you leave early this will not be paid back.

    NB. You are not permitted to make travel arrangements i.e. booking flights to the Mission House, until your Internship is confirmed.

    Please indicate how you intend to finance this Internship

    Personal financeRaise funds through sponsored eventsOther

    Parental Consent // Step 6 of 7

    If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will be required to complete a statement of consent to give his/her consent for you to be a part of this Internship.

    Do you require parental consent?


    Parent / Guardian Information

    Agreement // Step 7 of 7

    Following your application, you will meet with your prospective mentor and she/he will explain the next steps to your application.

    If this meeting is successful, you will be asked to begin the next stage of the application process, which once received will be considered by the directors/trustees.

    If this stage of the application is accepted, there will be a number of mandatory stages before you are formally accepted as a GYI.

    Once accepted onto the GYI, it is mandatory that you attend a preliminary 3 day training session before or at the beginning of your Internship

    You will then be sent a Memo of Understanding outlining the expectations of your mentorship.