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Over the last few weeks, the news worldwide has been full of concerning reports about the spread of the Corona virus. Here in Thailand there is a lot of fear because we have the largest number of infected people outside of China (currently 25). This has not been helped with the number of Chinese that have come here for the Chinese New Year a few weeks ago. Last week outside a large shopping mall near my language school they were handing out free surgical face masks, such is the fear that surrounds the virus.

However, life goes on and I continue with my language studies. I decided to repeat my last course as I didn’t feel I was comprehending enough of the language and grammar before stepping up another level. I am very much the tortoise and not the hare on this language journey!! But as a silver lining, my new class has the first Brit that I’ve met since arriving in Thailand!

Last Friday when the UK was officially separating from the UK, I was in the immigration department extending my visa, which I thought was rather ironic! On the way there I was encouraged to be able to have a basic conversation with the taxi driver as he drove me from the train station to the government building. And upon arrival, when entering the reception area, I was approached by one of two people dressed in scrubs with what looked like scanners, the lady then proceeded to touch my forehead, at which point I twigged and realised she was taking my temperature!! These are the measures taking place to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. Following this, I found my way to the correct area and waited for 3.5 hours before my passport was handed back to me and I was ‘official’ for the next 6 weeks.

I am continuing with my work at the church, recently extending the Saturday English class to teaching a few children from the church. There are 3 of them and they are all under 7 years old. Fortunately, they all go to an English-speaking school, so I’m not starting from scratch. I also preached at the Sunday service a few weeks ago, which seemed to go well.

I was asked to share a few English phrases to the chaps in English class recently, one of which I will share with you – So far, so good!! ?