Based on the story of a biblical figure in Act 16: 6-10, the Macedonian Call Initiative (or MCI, as is called) was first conceived in 2009 in response to what God was doing in BTBAB. The idea remained hidden behind the scenes of our work for a number of years. By 2014, an increasing number of our volunteers wanted to be part of something bigger than just another 2wks mission. The MCI, still in its infancy, was then used to facilitate Karen Shaw going to Burundi to help mentor a local person into becoming a beacon of transformation.

Thereafter, Katy Read also felt she wanted to do more than just another two weeks mission. Her journey eventually took her to Tanzania where God used her to lead a team that eventually led to the construction of a play area for school kids in three village schools.

But neither of these two volunteers fully benefited from the MCI programme. As a result, in 2017, we officially launched the MCI training programme as an intentional way of facilitating volunteers who feel compelled to do more than just another two week trips but instead take missions to another level by being the agent of transformation in communities plagued by poverty and injustice. Our MCI programme is now 6-12 months training initiative based on the discipleship modelled by Jesus. The volunteers come and live on our base for a minimum of 3 months discerning more about themselves, their calling, God’s heart for the nations and community living (to prepare them for living in the developing world). The MCI workers are also taught on how to raise support (working in partnership with their home-church) and also learn creative ways on how to live by faith.

The first 3 months preparation training is given by Water From The Rock, our ministry partner and the subsequent practical preparations is done by BTBAB before leaving for the nation of your choice. 

Thereafter, they are sent out as MCI workers into the developing world for a minimum of 3 months and up to 1 year. For some, it’s a gap year to do something radical for God before going to university or a full-time career. For others, it is a stepping stone into a life in full time missions. 

Previous MCI recipient

Esther Price is our first full recipient of the MCI programme.  She came to the Rock House in July 2018 to receive training prior to living in Thailand.

As Esther felt called to the work of BTBAB long term, her training was more extensive than normal.  In March 2019 after her initial training, she went to Thailand for 5 weeks.  For the first two weeks she led a mission team to northern Thailand and then the remaining 3 weeks she travelled around Thailand independently of the team to seek out possible ministries to serve in.  

On her return to the UK in April 2019, she took up the position of Base Leader at the Mission House to further her training into leadership and long term missions, prior to moving to Thailand in November 2019 for 6 months.  

Esther’s work in Thailand involved learning Thai at language school, working with a Thai speaking church teaching English.  She was also involved in friendship evangelism.

After the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19, she left the country as it became clear that the country would go into lock down.  So on 25th March, 2 months earlier than anticipated she left Thailand, only one day before the country ceased all international flights!  

Esther is now transitioning to be the UK National Director.

If you wish to read more about her time in Thailand – please see the blogs below ‘MCI Blog’

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