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Behind every successful charitable organisation like ours, are people that work tirelessly and give much of their time for no financial recompense and no adulation. This is quite counter cultural and in BTBAB we are blessed with many volunteers like this.

One such volunteer is Colin Hosken, who will be cringing right now, as he produces our newsletters! (Yes, I was) He has been working behind the scenes for quite a few years now, rebranding our documents and building our new website. His most recent project has been building a new website, which will be a resource for all of our mission teams with lots of information including -what to pack, what to expect, what to prepare etc. This will be launched in time for the Malawi team 1st training weekend in May with a secure area that only team members can log into. It’s been an exciting project and we look forward to hearing the feedback from the team.

Colin Hosken

Another exciting thing that I have been developing behind the scenes is a new course to teach life skills to young adults. It’s currently in the planning stages with the aim to launch in autumn 24. We aim to draw in people aged 18-25 and give them a ‘taster’ of learning life skills, with the hope to recruit some onto the Gap Year Internship.

We are inviting Christians from various churches across the Merseyside region to participate in a mentoring program tailored to their areas of expertise. Our aim is to equip the young adults with practical knowledge on essential topics, including budget-friendly cooking, financial management, basic car maintenance, and CV writing and interview preparation. Our vision is to ensure that all church youth, regardless of their financial circumstances, have access to this valuable training. If you would like to sponsor someone’s attendance fees, please reach out to us at Together, we can create a supportive and empowering environment for our church youth! If you have any further questions or need additional details, feel free to reach out.