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After the ABM, a new season is starting for BTBAB UK. Esther has successfully completed her training and spent the last eighteen months settling into Liverpool. Now she is ready and poised to take off into the new opportunities God has in store for her. In the autumn, Esther plans to lead a group to either Scotland or Northern Ireland. This endeavour will be a good opportunity for people to get involved and explore their divine calling. Whilst our usual focus is on the developing world, during the COVID pandemic, God specifically directed Esther to work with refugees within the four kingdoms of the UK. She felt it was important to fulfil this unique challenge from God.

Over the past six months, there have been some real breakthroughs. Esther has taken over the tenancy of the flat previously occupied by Shirley. This flat will now serve as the interim base, where we can host the BTBAB team and conduct training weekends for mission teams preparing to go overseas. God has honoured her as she has stepped out and we thank God for His provision. As she works to develop the UK BTBAB team, she holds on to God’s promise of a permanent home for BTBAB in the Liverpool area.

Please pray for Esther in this next season as she takes up the responsibility of advancing BTBAB UK. She has done some excellent work in networking with various churches and youth groups, as well as speaking at a couple of churches. If anyone would like to learn more about BTBAB UK or extend an invitation to Esther to share about BTBAB, feel free to contact her via

Following the ABM, Esther went away on retreat for a couple of days to seek God’s face for guidance and wisdom for this upcoming season. Let’s lift up Esther in prayer, that she will see God’s provision in finances, vision, and fruitfulness. It has been a tough year for her settling into a new city and stepping out into new areas of ministry, but in it all God has proved faithful. Please pray that she will experience increasing breakthroughs as she ventures out with God in faith.

Our heart’s desire is to see ordinary people, empowered and inspired, accomplish extraordinary feats for God. By extending His blessings to the developing world, we have the potential to break the cycle of poverty and bring about positive transformation.