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by Cathy Miller

How is it that an Elf has become so popular? Just do an internet search for Elf on the Shelf and you’ll see what I mean.

An elf is a type of humanoid supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. (From Wiki)

Clever advertising has promoted the elf toy and related merchandise which sells well and is growing more popular at Christmas time, along with sayings such as “Merry Elf Mass”.

A simple little elf figure, made by man, in the image of a humanoid supernatural being from mythology and folk lore. It reminds me of how people make statues from wood and stone to worship and follow. How easily this toy has taken off to become, maybe even more popular than Father Christmas!

This little elf has become yet another distraction from the truth of what Christmas is all about and it shows how marketing something in the right way can influence a nation. Do people really want an elf, a trickster or whatever it is desired to be by man, rather than knowing a loving Father God?

I guess that just as we have seen all through history, good and bad, lovely and wicked ideas promoted skilfully can have so much influence and we as a society are susceptible to just follow like sheep – but following the wrong shepherd.

Let’s pray this Christmas time that eyes will be opened to the true meaning of Christmas – and follow the true Shepherd, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.