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by Yvonne Twum-Barim

We shared the BTBAB five-year strategy at the Annual Board Meeting in April 2022. This aligns with our vision … we are not a church but a mission organisation called to reverse the cycle of poverty in the developing world focused on the poor in the developing world.

We aim, led by God, to raise leaders at operational level and Esther Price, our new National Director for BTBAB UK is transitioning into this position over the next year. 

  • Overseas Community Transformation (OCT) – Develop a team facilitated by an OCT Trustee, Facilitator and Coordinator. Work with exiting overseas projects as mini projects which will become self-sustaining and continue to invest in Five Year OCT projects as directed by God. 
  • Anna Claudia Initiative (ACI) – Sponsor more ACI recipients in the developing nations with more sponsors. Promote ACI to our church communities, raise teams of people to visit ACI recipients and develop a more extensive ACI training programme. 
  • BTBAB UK, BTBAB Ireland & BTBAB International – BTBAB UK will be the model operation from which BTBAB Ireland and BTBAB International will grow. The last two years saw us send outreach missions in England and Wales and we see this continue around the other two nations of the UK in N. Ireland and Scotland as well as our overseas mission trips. We also need to facilitate the Joshua generation into missions by raising the profile of BTBAB and the Gap Year Intern Programme (GYI).  GYI programme is where young people will be mentored in faith-based life skills and introduced to the work of BTBAB. BTBAB UK is aiming to raise up people to promote the work of BTBAB in their locality and we aim to achieve this by 2024
  • BTBAB Trustees – As the ministry grows and to continue to provide advice on how BTBAB functions, and responds to the leading of God, we need new advisors around business values and legal activities and international law on development.

Thank you, our partners, for seeing us through the last five-year strategy and we look forward to your continued partnership over the next five years into 2027.