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My name is Alan. I’m 67 years old, married to Elizabeth and we have 4 children and one grandson. I have been with the Lord since 1987 and have attended the same church in Kilmarnock ever since. This is not my best picture (some would argue it’s quite complimentary) – it was taken by Esther in a busy bus station in Bangkok last year.

This was on my second short mission trip with BTBAB, my first being to Wales in 2022. My introduction to BTBAB came via Jenny both attending the same church and being a close friend. The Wales mission suited me fine as it was in the UK. I never imagined and in fact had said I would not go to any other country on mission. God had other plans and so when I was asked after the Wales mission, I could find no reason to say no.

I have been blessed not only on the trips, but also by the training weekends, teaching and relationships that have come with it. So, when I was asked if I would be willing to join the BTBAB Team assisting the Toolbox Coordinator, it seemed yet again that no was not the right answer.

Now, you may be asking, ‘where is God in all this?’ Prayer, I have learned is a priority for BTBAB and I did pray. Mission is a priority of Jesus (go out into the world making disciples….)

Blessings are a priority of God and more than that, His expectation is that we bless others through His Word and His provision. So, I look forward to being part of BTBAB but more, being enabled to support Tina, the Mission Teams, and the wonderful work BTBAB will undertake in the future.