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Since my last post there have been some significant progressions in my preparations for Thailand.

Firstly I received all the necessary documents from the language school (as shown in the photo) to make my visa application.  These are all written in Thai script so I have no clue what they say!  I am in the process of collating all the other documents I need to do the online application and then make an appointment to visit the Thai Embassy in London to finalise my education visa.

I have also accepted the accommodation that I mentioned in my last blog.  Its in the centre of Bangkok near a BTS train station (the sky train in Bangkok) and very close to my language school.  I will be living with two American missionaries in a 3 bed town house and they are happy for me to stay until I return on 27th May.  It is only 4 stops on the BTS to the station where I will be doing my language study.

I have also been blessed with a couple of one off gifts that have enabled me to pay for my flights, and the promise of a few more monthly donations.  Which I am so thankful for.

Please pray that in this transition, I finish my work well before I leave for Thailand.