I left Chiang Rai on Tuesday and travelled to Pattaya a coastal resort south of Bangkok. My few days off in Chiang Rai were quite an adjustment for me; leaving a team of people, a translator to communicate for me and finding my way around a new city. 

Whilst in Chiang Rai I visited an English speaking church which was such an encouragement to me, being able to worship in my own language.  And then on Monday I went with a tour group around the local sights and I was very blessed that a part of the group was a girl called Karin from Switzerland who is a Christian and has been a missionary. We had a great day getting to know one another and eating in the evening before going our separate ways. It’s just another reminder to me that God cares about every detail of our lives (Psalm 37:23 NLT) On that day he provided a friend, a kindred spirit, which was what I needed.

My journey south was a long 12 hour overnight journey to Bangkok and then a further 3 hours to reach Pattaya city. I think the first thing I noticed coming south was the brutal heat & humidity. I liken it to walking into an industrial hairdryer the minute you leave an air conditioned room!!

Since I arrived in Pattaya I have spent time with The Tamar Centre staff being involved in their outreaches and English classes. The staff have been very welcoming and I have made a few friends along the way. 

Yesterday I visited Fon, a lady I met the last time I was in Pattaya.  At the point of meeting her in November 17 she was on the brink of starting True Love Beauty Salon, which ministers to the bar girls here, giving them a safe haven to rest, English classes and times of bible study & worship. 12 girls have become believers in the last year and 4 have been offered a permanent place of safety in another Christian ministry. 

Today is Election Day in Thailand, since arriving in the country I have encountered many trucks driving around with loud speakers blaring out music & presumably their election promises. And just when the day couldn’t get any stranger, we had a big thunderstorm ⛈ and within 1 hour, it all cleared and the temperature started rising again. 

I shall be travelling to Bangkok on Tuesday and them on Thursday I celebrate my 48th birthday!!! During the course of many discussions over the last 5 days it was suggested to me that I could come here on a retirement visa as you can get these at 50….!! I have since discovered that it’s 55 & not 50!

“... in July 18 I left my full-time job and moved to the BTBAB base to train for 6-12 months before being sent out to the first nation that I feel called to. ”

Esther PriceMCI Field Worker
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