On Friday I left the team, who headed for Bangkok homeward bound, whilst I caught a bus to Chiang Rai city for a few days rest. 

Our mission to Huay Jor was an incredible week, where we met many brothers & sisters in Christ, encouraged them, prayed with them and along the way ended up making alot of new friends. I always find that despite the lack of language, you can still find out what the characters of people are like. Like Ton, the church elder who is quite cheeky, but well respected & very humble. And Tib who cooked for us and is fun and strong willed. They are just a group of people from the Khmu tribe who first came from Laos 50 or so years ago and became believers in Christ. 

As well as doing ministry, we also had a day off during the week where we travelled to Mae Sai which is on the border of Myanmar. We also went to the Golden Triangle where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand all meet next to the Mekong river. It is a truly beautiful part of the country.  

On Wednesday we went to a market which is right next to the Mekong river and people travel over from Laos in boats to purchase their goods. Whilst there we met a missionary from Laos who comes across for the day to meet Laos pastors in a ministry here in Thailand as Laos is a closed country.

Before we left the village of Huay Jor, we were able to leave a large donation of money to help the villagers with farming development projects & new business start up loans. 3 representatives from different organisations set up a bank account with the plan to form a committee of 10 people including a number of young people so that the older generation can mentor them. If they manage the money well, it’s possible for them to keep this going for years.

And as much as I would like to say I can now speak better Thai, unfortunately I can’t as we spoke predominantly Khmu, the dialect of the village! 


“... in July 18 I left my full-time job and moved to the BTBAB base to train for 6-12 months before being sent out to the first nation that I feel called to. ”

Esther PriceMCI Field Worker
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