I’m on my travels again! These four days at the YWAM base have come to an end and later today, Shirley my good friend and BTBAB director, is arriving to join me for my last 10 days in the county! We will travel to the centre of Bangkok and visit Nightlight together on Monday. The plan is that I should make a decision on the ministry I wish to serve before I leave the country, no pressure!!

The base has been really quiet as it’s a holiday season at the moment, but I’ve had a good rest and met a new friend along the way – Pilvi from Finland, a missionary who is in transitioning whilst waiting for her visa back into the Asian country she works in. And later I’m meeting up with a couple of my Thai friends – Daow & Ning. They do an incredible job travelling the country translating for teams who come on outreach from all over the world, and they are arriving back at the base after being away for a couple of weeks.

The base is in a residential district opposite the university and a long way out from the city centre, but I did venture there yesterday. It took a 45 min bus journey and another journey on the BTS (sky train) to get there! 

I was reading yesterday that Bangkok is the hottest city in the world because of the year round high temperatures. It has an annual air temperature of around 28 degrees and in the hottest months of March – May it is 35 degrees and has 90 percent humidity. The heat is incredibly draining and sometimes I wonder why God is sending me, a whimp in the heat, to such a nation! One thing is for sure, I don’t need blusher, as my face has been in a permanent state of redness! The heat also brings out all kinds of creatures, yesterday I watched two small lizards fighting over a kebab stick! 

“... in July 18 I left my full-time job and moved to the BTBAB base to train for 6-12 months before being sent out to the first nation that I feel called to. ”

Esther PriceMCI Field Worker
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