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Having started a 6-month internship with BTBAB in November, I learned about the working of the organisation from Esther (including a practical session, making resources for training workshops). After she left for Thailand, Hannah has been mentoring me.

I have been attending the weekly discipleship teaching at the base (on Hearing from God and Identity) which has been very informative to me as a young Christian. I have also continued to help Cathy with the monthly children’s playdate. This has been fun.

I have been researching the top 10 poorest countries in the world and the factors that contribute to their state of poverty. I have also been researching different types of poverty and how these are measured. As part of the internship I needed to choose a country to visit in order to learn more about poverty from someone my age in a developing or underdeveloped country. I decided on Tanzania as it is somewhere, over the years I have felt drawn to. My hometown Redditch is also twinned with a port city there, called Mtwara.

I am currently working on a poster presentation about poverty from a teenager’s perspective for the workers weekend on the 29th of February which is part of my development toward the final presentation of my project at the end of my internship.

As the internship has developed, it was decided to extend the internship from 6 months to 12 months. I feel I am learning more about myself and the role I could play in helping those who face poverty, both now and in the future.