Everything has to start somewhere, if you think about it, someone somewhere started it.

Have you ever watched a toddler who is learning to walk, they use the furniture, wobble, fall down, they may fall many times but then it happens they take the first few steps. We have a God who is able to speak to us and as we learn to listen then act on what we hear. His promise to us is that we will hear his voice and know the direction we should take.

We have been through quite a lot of changes in the last year and we have seen God move in spite of the pandemic. The UK outreach is an example where Esther heard something from God, “Do outreach here”. We have just seen a team do outreach in the UK to the refugees and homeless people. In a similar way a couple of us have heard God say something about Ireland. So with this in mind we are planning to do an outreach in Ireland, similar to the UK outreach. It would mean all the training would be either on zoom or in Ireland at a venue yet to be decided. It will take place 4th-12th December 2021. If anyone would like more information you can email toolbox@btbab.org or go to the website BTBAB.org.

The bible tells us that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. God spoke and light came. So in the same way he speaks to us and gives us a place to start, doing an outreach in Ireland is the start of something. It may only seem like a tentative step but that is how a journey starts, a step at a time.