Last year we held the retreat at the House of the Open Door and it was amazing to see everyone, because we had just come through the first lock down and we were adjusting to social distancing, face coverings and Zoom. But we had an amazing time. So this year’s retreat will be on 28th – 29th August 2021. Please put the date in your calendar and come join us either for the full weekend or as a day delegate on the 28th August. We are going to be at the House of the Open Door.

The retreat is a time when people come together and catch up with each other, the work of BTBAB but more importantly an opportunity to worship God together. It’s a good time for everyone who is involved in some way with BTBAB to find out what has happened in the last year. Here are some highlights of what we will be doing at the retreat:

You can hear about our ACI student in South Africa, Emikle, and Jenny McCurry will share about what is happening to help her achieve her dream. We will also be sharing about the possible ACI trip to South Africa.

You can meet some of the trustees and hear what they have been up to in the past year. You can also be introduced to a couple new Trustees that are joining us.

You can find out what happened with the UK outreach and hear the plans for the trip to Malawi and Ireland.

Esther Price will be sharing the results of the research she has been doing with her transit training. We are also catching up with the Gap Year Internship.

So would love you to join us on the August Bank Holiday and you can find out more on how to book by going to our website

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